2020/21 Season Tryouts

If you are interested in coaching please contact [email protected] or call 215-313-8345.

Tryouts: For the 2020/21 season, we are conducting Virtual Tryouts for all new players. Email a video to [email protected]. Please include a 1 minute video with 15 seconds of each dribbling, shooting, passing, and juggling. If you are an existing player please reach out to your coach for tryout information. Remember to include your name, birth year and gender with your email.

We are fielding teams for the following ages below. 

2013 Boys and Girls Team (U7)

2012 Boys and Girls Team (U8)

2011 Girls (U9)

2011 Boys – Keith Rambo [email protected] 215-313-8345 

2010 Girls (U10)

2010 Boys –  David Burden [email protected] 

2009 Girls (U11)

2009 Boys –  John Kelly  [email protected] 

2008 Girls – Mauro Adriani [email protected]

2008 Boys – Kara Steele [email protected] 

2007 Girls – Sam Wood [email protected] 

2007 Boys – Julian Langley [email protected] 

2007/2008 Boys – Keith Rambo [email protected]

2006 Girls and Boys

2005 Girls –  Pete Collura [email protected]

2005 Boys

2004 Girls and Boys

2002/2003 Boys – Lyle Hazel [email protected]

2001 Girls – Thomas Dadura [email protected]